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get choosen by brands

  • promotional contracts- brands guide you with a script, on how to complete the promotion
  • multiple promotional category- brands choose whether you have to post image or video or self content creation in your Instagram profile or YouTube profile ( you have the option to enable all the category)
  • certified brands content- every promotional image, video and script which brands send are verified by us regarding - no use of explicit contents!

ICR(influencer's content report)

  • ICR certification- we certify your profile with ICR Grade ! which is very important to get choosen by brands !

Affiliate Id

  • Affiliate Id- you will get your affiliate ID once you sign up ! where you unlock commission earnings !

start-up support

  • start-up support- you'll receive entire startup support in case you start your business ! you will be alloted one startup page once you listed ! where you can list affiliate products, your own products.. etc

see,how you will be listed ?

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